Our Juicing Box gives you all the ingredients you need for your daily juices in one simple box. Fruit such as Oranges and Apples, wirh leafy greens like Kale or Celery will always arrive as the foundation for your juices. Amongst these, you will also find seasonal additions such as immune-boosting Ginger, nutrient rich Cucumber, or vibrant Tumerica Root to add a kick to your juicing creations. 


*Box Price subject to change according to fluctuations in market price

Super Juicing Box

  • 4 - Apples

    1 - Bag of Mint

    1 - Lemon

    150g - Ginger

    4 - Oranges

    1 - Pack Pre Packed Beetroot

    1 - Celery Head

    1 - Cucumber

    300g - Curly Kale