Gift Tubes of delicious Charcuterie Sticks produced in Kent – in attractive packaging, a perfect gift for the Charcuterie lover!

          Moons Green Charcuterie Sticks

          • Choose from a variety of flavours:


            Beer Sticks 

            People are struggling: first searching for a way to describe the taste and texture of Beer Sticks, and second, trying to stop eating the whole pack before they’ve finished their first pint. That’s the thing about Beer Sticks, they’re moreish and they are the perfect partner to a pint or a flute


            Beef Sticks

            Moons Green is headquartered on one of the great Beef Farms in the Kentish Weald. So it’s no surprise that our Beef Sticks are full of British beefy flavor. Not forgetting the moment when the chilli spark kicks in about eight seconds after you thought it was safe.


            Deer Sticks

            Who knew that such wondrous venison was available in the South Of England? But our hunter friends keep bringing us fresh venison and we keep making our Deer Sticks to offer them sustenance in the lonely forest vigils they need to find their prey.


            Lamb Sticks 

            Lambs from the salty marshes not too far from Romney that make our lamb sticks sing. That and the Moroccan-inspired preserved lemons which take the edge from the lamb and make it sweet and delicious.


            Duck Sticks 

            Wild duck breasts from Sussex Ducks are the summit of ducky richness and these Duck Sticks are testimony to the hunter’s rare joy. They’re smooth and sweet tasting, the epitome of subtle game.