Made with Love in small batches, here in beautiful Kent. We are stocking a whole range of wonderful flavours! 


Kentish Oils Rapeseed Oil have been produced at their SALSA accredited farm unit since 2008 with 100% traceability back to the field the oilseed has been grown on. By carefully selecting only the very best varieties of rapeseed, grown specifically for them here in Kent, and then cold pressing & filtering, they are able to produce a nutritious rapeseed oil with a distinct colour & flavour.

Garden Mint Oil

Kentish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Blended with Garden Mint – This fresh flavour is perfect with lamb, new potatoes or peas.


Basil Oil 

Kentish Oils Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Blended with Basil – great with salmon, pizza, drizzled over fresh pasta, mix with balsamic vinegar to drizzle over a sweet potato, lentil & feta salad or use to make your own basil pesto.


    Jalapeno Oil

    Kentish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Blended with Jalapeno Chilli – With a delicious taste and just a little bit of a kick, the Jalapeño blend ticks all the right boxes for meals that are simply bursting with flavour.


    Lemon Oil

    Kentish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Blended with Lemon – Made with natural lemon extract, Kentish Oil with lemon works extremely well with chicken and fish as well as on salads and, thanks to high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9, is a healthy addition to any meal.


    Rosemary Oil

    Kentish Oils Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, – blended with rosemary. Try with roast chicken, lamb, beef, pork, turkey or drizzle over roast potatoes or vegetables.


    Garlic & Herb Oil

    Kentish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Blended with Garlic. The full-on flavour of our Garlic and Herb blend is a terrific all-rounder for hot and cold foods alike, with a high flash point that helps it retain its healthy properties when cooked. Natural extracts of garlic and herbs are used to create this blend, which is fast becoming one of our most popular flavours. Use in hot dishes such stir fries or roasts or as a salad dressing for a healthy treat. You can even use the Garlic and Herb blend to create a mouth-watering mayonnaise dip; the perfect accompaniment to bowl of fluffy, oven cooked chips.

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