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Produced by The Kent Lavender Farm in the pretty village of Shoreham, North Kent.

They have a special distiller on site allowing them to extract the precious essential oils within hours of harvesting creating the most beautiful products.

Kentish Meadow Room Spray

  • Create an invigorating atmosphere with the scents of lavandin, rosemary and thyme.

    Made using 99% natural oils of Kentish Lavandin, Kentish Rosemary and thyme; the delicious, fresh Summer scent of an English herb garden. No artificial fragrances, just the natural goodness of herbs grown on the farm.

    This popular room spray creates an environment ideal for working and studying with the natural oils encouraging concentration and alertness.

    To unleash its energising scent, simply remove the cover and spray into the air.

    100ml Bottle

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