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Presented in a beautiful Folly Farm printed Kraft Hamper Box.


A Hamper packed full of the most delicious Chilli products, from our beautiful Garden of England, with a few favourites from further afield too.

The perfect gift for the Chilli Lover.

Kentish Chilli Lovers Hamper


  • Hellfire Charcuterie Sticks, 100g
    Produced in the Weald of Kent, these charcuterie sticks have the perfect hit of heat.

    Hodgepodge Chilli Oil, 50g
    A seriously hot chilli and smoked garlic infused oil using naga chilli and capsicum essence. It brings out the heat in any dish with an intense flavour and long lasting heat. It can be used for cooking, marinades and dressings. Produced in Kent.

    Chipotle Chilli Crisps, 150g
    Award Winning Crisps from the Garden of England. This flavour will tantalise your taste buds with a great chilli kick. Produced using Jalapenos from a Kent Chilli grower.

    Chillichup, 250ml
    A Chilli and tomato sauce combined with Moroccan spices. It is sweet to taste with a warm chilli hit and goes perfectly with meat, fish and vegetables. To be used as an accompaniment, a marinade or in cooking to add spice and flavour to your food. Produced in Kent.

    Kentish Chilli Mayonnaise, 250g
    Perfect for those looking for an added kick. Made using chillies from the Kent Chilli Farm.

    Spicy Spreadable Nduja, 100g
    Seriously Spicy Calabrian style soft spreading salami, delicious with cheese & cr