The art of Charcuterie at its very best, containing 5 of Moons Greens most popular Charcuterie pieces,  produced in the heart of the Weald of Kent.


The perfect gift for Charcuterie Lovers. 


Presented in a Folly Farm Gift Box 



Kentish Charcuterie Selection Box

  • Rosemary & Garlic Sliced Saucisson - 60g

    English rosemary meets garlic, to create a delicious Saucisson.


    100g Beer Sticks

    Uttery delicious and unique, using free range local pork. 


    Wild Fennel Sliced Saucisson - 60g

    A British hommage to a classic Rosette de Lyon with a local flavour - wild fennel foraged from an East Sussex beach. Air dried for up to a month to enable the flavour to develop.


    Wild Mushroom and Truffle Sliced Saucisson - 60g

    A true luxury saucisson, using porcini mushrooms and truffle oil to create a sumptuous saucisson that really is a testimony to the art of the charcutier. 


    Nduja - 100g 

    Whole spreadable salami with a sweet & rich taste of romano peppers & aniseed. Divine spread on fresh warm bread.