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Award-Winning Air-Dried Charcuterie produced in Cornwall by the Deli Farm Charcuterie Company, who have an ethos of local, fresh & natural, & of course utterly delicious.

Deli Farm Charcuterie

  • Choose from a selection of delicious award winning charcuterie. 


    Rustic Garlic Salami

    Made from Cornish pork shoulder, this salami has a subtle garlic flavour. The light spicing compliments the meat and garlic, 50g


    Rustic Hot Peppery Salami 

    Made with Cornish pork shoulder. This Cornish salami is flavoured with red chilli flakes, cayenne pepper & cream sherry, 50g


    Fennel & Anise Salami

    Made with Cornish leg of Pork & top rump of Cornish beef mixed with lightly bruised fennel seed, star anise & port gives this salami a delicious mouthful of flavour! 50g


    Black Olive Salami

    Made with lean leg of Cornish pork & Kalamata olives. This salami has a unique intense flavour & is the perfect additional to a cheeseboard, 50g


    Wild Venison Bresaola

    Whole muscles from the hindquaters of Wild Westcountry Venison, dry cured in a blend of salts, sugar & spices, then slowly air dried. Creating a rich 'gamey' flavour & soft texture, 40g


    Cornish Coppa

    Made from Cornish pork shoulder, slowly dry cured in a blend of salts & spices, coated in a pepper spice mix and slowly air dried to develop its strong punchy flavour, 50g 


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