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As the nights start to draw in, enjoy cosy evenings in with a loved one or good friends with our Camembert Dipping Board! Showcasing wonderful local & uk producers, with everything you need to put together the ultimate dipping cheese board! 

Camembert Dipping

  • Somerset Camembert 220g Round 

    Produced by the Lubborn Creamy in Chard, who pioneer the craft of making soft cheeses using traditional  methods. The Somerset Camembert is delicate and rich with a lovely buttery colour. Absolutely delicious baked & enjoyed warm. 

    We will also pop in a Sprig of Rosemary - to infuse in to the cheese whilst baking.


    Sussex Blue 130g

    A delicious Blue Cheese to compliment the creamy Camembert. Divine spread on fresh wam baked Olive Bread.  A wonderful local cheese.


    Rustic Olive Bread

    Handcrafted by the Cranbrook Bakery, baked with whole juicy Kalamata olives, creating the most delicious bread, perfect for cheese.


    Peters Yard Sea Salt Flat Breads 115g

    Award Winning Flat Breads, wich are long and thin - made for dipping! Made using organic Flour, British Raprseed Oil & Real Sourdough. They are seasoned with hand-harvested Salt & then baked until golden.


    Moons Green Rosemary & Garlic Sliced Salami 60g

    Produced in Kent, a mouthwatering Salami. The combination of aromatic Rosemary & punchy Garlic flavours compliment the creamy Camembert perfectly.


    Snowdonia Balsamic Carmamelised Onion Chutney 100g

    A savoury chutney with a sweet stickiness from the aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and caramelisation of the sweet onions


    Mixed Olives 200g

    Juicy & Plump Green & Black Olives 


    Mini Cornicorns 170g

    No French Style Cheeseboard is complete without these, just perfect with Cheese, Breads & Cured Meats.

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