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A range of Award winning local herb infused dressings from "A Little Bit" based in Canterbury - 250ml bottles 


We stock two fabulous herb inspired dressings, perfect for jazzing up any meal! 
Tarragon & Lemon
A classic pairing of aniseed and zesty lemons, this dressing is refreshing, tangy & highly adaptable. Trickle of new potatoes, green beans or add to a lentil & feta salad. Delicious alongside asparagus and magnificent as a marinade for barbecue chicken. 
Parsley & Red Onion 
Fresh and cooling, parsley is incredibly versatile combing perfectly with a richness of earthy red onion - truly scrumptious! Drizzle over couscous, rice or a crispy salad, or simply pour over half an avocado and mop up with some warm fresh bread.


A Range of Little Bit Dressings